I’m Making This Hard

July 28th, 2010

Pookah would like to point out that cats, being the epitome of civilization in our habits, do not have this problem. We use litterboxes… even outdoors. All of our problems are neatly and discreetly contained, then returned to the natural environment where they are converted by natural processes into resources for natural scratching posts – what humans call, “Trees.”

We all run into it: That one repeating habit or attitude that constantly derails us and screws up our lives.

For S.O., it’s regular monitoring of finances.

For me, the most recent one was getting my workbench built.
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July 21st, 2010

For you humans who read this blog, please take note:

Pookah is a master of many arts: Napping, Stalking, Hunting, Pouncing, Eating, Purring, Literature, String Theory, and Literary Arts. Few humans take the time to understand the amount of small tasty bird-fueled effort that goes into achieving even the most basic levels of expertise in these, and other, neo-classical feline pursuits.

Some humans, irritatingly, believe that they have found shortcuts.

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Predators Movie Review

July 19th, 2010

Fun: 7
Action: 8
Drama: 4
SF: 6
Fantasy: 4
Sex: 5
Violence: 9
Effects: 7
Other: 7* – see review below

Scores range from 1 (kill me before I see it) to 10 (defining movie of this element). I saw this movie on the regular flat screen with a good friend, late at night.

Overall: A worthy sequel to the 1987 surprise hit movie. Good script, intelligently directed, with talented actors who looked like they really got to sink their teeth into their parts. Best of all, it ignores the regurgitated pea soup Hollywood put out with those moronic AvP crossovers.

They could have easily cut the number of humans in this film to give us more story, rather than having to do exposition on the extra trophies… I mean, characters. I think this movie suffered from the “too many characters” problem that action-adventure films frequently have.

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Cell Phone Jerks

July 15th, 2010

Are you a cell phone jerk? Do you know one?

Here is an example of cell phone jerkery:

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Getting Back in the Saddle

July 13th, 2010

We here at Casa del Pookah…

Thank you

Have been preoccupied by a number of Life’s Dramas. In no particular order:

  • Death of a beloved pet
  • Car wrecks among ourselves and close family
  • Day-jobs that occasionally spill over into nights and weekends
  • Preventing dead oak trees from falling on our pile of rocks
  • Feeding Pookah the delicious new food that helps keep Pookah in trim shape… after that… debacle… involving “Pudgins”
  • Replacing certain articles that “mysteriously” shredded themselves

And other sundries besides.

Well, we’re back with updates coming.

Pookah was here. Pookah has always been here. Worship me.

The plan is (and has been) to get ahead on posts, and have them scheduled to publish. Comments are supposed to generate an alert – unless they hit the spam filters.

We’ll see how it goes this time :)

And humans claim that felines are easily distracted. Hmph!

In Loving Memory

May 20th, 2010

Onyx, 05/15/1995 - 05/17/2010


05/15/1995 – 05/17/2010

You will be sorely missed, Oni-kun, Old Lady Cat

Why I’m Cautious About Economics in 2010

April 8th, 2010

It’s very simple:

  1. An economy can’t overcome hundreds of billions of dollars of debt in one year.
  2. An economy can’t recover in one year when “real” unemployment is over %10.

By “real” unemployment, I mean people who are capable of working and want to work for compensation or who are on any significant form of tax-backed support;  but excluding people who have sufficient non-tax-backed income-generation by other means to support their household (such as “trust fund babies”. I also put “homemaker” as “real” employment. It’s a job like any other, and strongly affects income (negatively or positively). If it weren’t, housekeepers, baby-sitters, pre-school, and day-care would all be non-profitable.

(That’s a complicated way of saying: Real unemployment takes into account only people willing and able to work. It excludes people who have their own means of self-support – like being independently wealthy, or owning your own gold mine.)

So far, our elected officials have done what I’ve expected:

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First Number In Action: Vet Bills II

April 5th, 2010

When Pookah first searched for “Pudgins”, Old Lady Cat was very ill.

The situation has not improved in that regard. Quite the opposite.

Old Lady Cat went through the more expensive procedure. The results were inconclusive, but did provide more information. OLC’s kidneys have shrunk. And she is a good candidate for an iodine isotope injection that, if it works, would cure her thyroid problems. But she is in bad shape with her kidneys. Not surprising, considering her 15 years of age.

So here we are. Another decision time.

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First Number In Action: Vet Bills

March 15th, 2010

Among the delays for getting posts up on Life of Pookah has been illness within our home. One miserable week laid out in bed followed by another week of slow recovery.

Pookah has been very, very worried! Pookah has worn herself ragged trying to take care of Pookah’s pet humans. The extra effort on Pookah’s part has required massive consumption of tasty foods.

Now Pookah is searching for this “Pudgey Pudgins” individual is, and why “Pudgins” is in Pookah’s house!

Then, Old Lady Cat was ill, then took a nosedive for the worse. Translate this to additional vet bills. On the heels of Pookah’s daughter’s illness and ongoing slow recovery, this is extra expense that is breaking our monthly budget.

Did this qualify as an emergency, and why?

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A Brief Update

March 2nd, 2010

Pookah would like to take this opportunity to inform you about her human’s latest endeavors.

Specifically, breathing, eating, and walking.

My human, and the “S.O.”, have endured great illness. They are in the process of re-discovering the pleasures of breathing through their sinuses. This recovery, however, has done nothing to improve their ability to scent prey. I understand that this ability is rare in humans. Even in its limited form, it has skipped my human’s generation.

Even so, I, Pookah, along with my daughter, Dora, and the Old Lady Cat, have labored hard to restore my human, and the “S.O.”, to health.

This is an ongoing process.

Post-recovery, I shall dictate further editorials and information for my human to include in these online ramblings.

— Pookah, Queen Of All She Surveys, Holder Of The Comfy-Nest-Sunbeams, She Who WILL Have That Portion Of Small Tasty Bird Hanging Off The Side Of Your Plate