Ask Pookah – December 2008

Once a month at Life of Pookah, I’ll ask her for a more detailed answer. Questions can be about anything.

So, Pookah:

What do you think of executive compensation? Are the high pay rates deserved or abusive?

Pookah speaks

Pookah speaks

Pookahs only eat what we need. We only hunt what we need. A lot of humans think we go hunting for sport. Pookahs and other cats are born hunters – if we don’t practice, we won’t be able to feed ourselves or kittens.

Humans are different. My human brings a lot of things he calls “stuff” into the nest. He doesn’t eat it, sleep on it, or wear it. Some of it he plays with when he should be petting Pookah. The stuff that he doesn’t play with is really only good for Pookahs to sleep on, or check over because Pookahs have lots of curiosity.

Pookahs find it strange that after working so hard to get stuff into the nest, humans stomp around and make loud angry noises about the stuff. This makes it hard for Pookahs to sleep. Then the humans drag the stuff back out of the nest – to make room for dragging new stuff in.

Beyond food, a clean litterbox, warm sunbeams to sleep in, and Pookahs to pet, what more do humans need?

Well, Pookah, human society is a lot more complicated than cat society.

Does it need to be?

Really, how much more to life is there than comfort, companionship, food, and home? Even dogs understand this.

So what about executives who receive a hundred or a thousand times the pay of their average employee?

Angry disdain

Angry disdain

This is me staring at you in disdain for making it too complicated.

Er… Let me try that again.

What about humans who are given enough gooshy food to feed a hundred or a thousand cats, yet keep it all for themselves and keep demanding more?

Stop being ridiculous. I’m going to sleep now.

And there you have it.

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