Make A Safe Location

This is different from a Safe Room.

A Safe Location is a secure and safe location for important documents. Your Safe Location can be a safety deposit box at a bank, a safe (bolted to the rock pile infrastructure, of course) in your rock pile or a trusted friend’s/family member’s rock pile, or a jar buried in the back yard.

Your Safe Location needs to meet certain minimum criteria:

  1. Accessable within 72-96 hours (3-4 days).
  2. Secure from fire and flood.
  3. Locked.
  4. Immobile without significant effort.
  5. Hidden from the casual two-legged rat.
  6. Big enough to store legal-size envelopes in without folding.

You want to put sensitive documents in your Safe Location. Sensitive documents include, but are not limited to, financial information, tax information, rock pile purchase information, copy of your current will, and the like. DO NOT put items of even remotely questionable legal status in your Safe Location. The reason for that last warning is very simple: The authorities *will* find your Safe Location, even if it is carefully hidden in your pile of rocks.

While I’m on that subject, you might as well go ahead and understand right now that, if it is in your rock pile, A Motivated Two-Legged Rat Will Also Find Your Safe Location. Given enough time and determination, the bad guys WILL find it. The idea is to make it take as much time as possible, and make as much NOISE as possible to get it. Time and noise are a two-legged rat’s two worst enemies. Make them work for you.

Also understand the following principles:

  1. The easier it is to get to your Safe Location, the less safe it is.
  2. The more people who know you have a Safe Location, the less safe it is.
  3. The more people who know where your Safe Location is, the less safe it is.
  4. The more people who have a key/know the combination to your Safe Location, the less safe it is.
  5. Your Safe Location is only slightly more safe than the pile of rocks it is in.

Ideally, you will need access to your Safe Location, at most, once a month. This can make it a hard habit to get into.

Here’s a set of links that may help you pick a Safe Location, as well as other advice on how to make your pile of rocks less attractive to two-legged rats:

If you have a computer, you have both an advantage, and a potential disadvantage. Securing a computer is beyond the scope of this article – and any specific advice that I give would probably be invalid within 9 months. Some of the aforementioned links can help with securing your computer in a general sense. But here are some ways to use a computer to your advantage when it comes to your Safe Location:

  1. The biggest problems with storing documents is that they are big, flammable, and not very water resistant. If you have a scanner and a CD or DVD burner in your computer, you can scan in your sensitive documents, burn them to CD or DVD (and make a backup copy). A CD or DVD is a LOT easier to store (smaller size) and they don’t care about water. (That takes care of 2 of the 3 problems right there!) However, I do not know what the legal requirements in relation to CD/DVD storage are – talk to a lawyer for that. The main thing here is that even if the original documents are stolen, you’ve got this backup copy to help you recover or replace the originals.
  2. Taxes. There are loads of free and commercial software available to help you with your taxes, including filing them with appropriate state and federal governments.
  3. Other official documents. Lots of government branches and corporations are putting their important forms, documents, and information in digital format (images, PDF, and others). A computer can make accessing, reviewing, and keeping track of your important documents faster, easier, and cheaper (those envelopes and stamps can add up).

The above is only a small sampling of the options and advantages that a computer can give you. There are disadvantages. Let me start with the biggest one:


And put that backup in a Safe Location!!

Computers break easy and are relatively easy to steal. A backup of your data helps with both of those — If your computer breaks, the data inside it may very well be unrecoverable. But if you have trained yourself to take backups, you can recover from the breakage. If a two-legged rat wanders off with your computer, a backup can help you recover from that theft.

Pookahs like computers, too. They generate warm spots. They also keep humans’ laps, still so that Pookahs can take nice, purring naps.

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