Frugal Ideas – Burn Paper Log Balls

If you have a fireplace or woodburning stove, make paper log balls: Keep the little cardboard toilet paper tubes. Save up a supply of waste paper – newspaper is best, black-and-white used printouts from an inkjet printer are OK, I have no idea of the safety of laser printer waste, and certainly avoid plastics and color inks/printouts because the ink may contain poisonous metals or chemicals! Soak the paper in a bucket of water (similar to making paper mache). Wrap the wet paper around the tube until you have a ball about the size of a medium orange, then let it dry (a drying rack on top of your clothes dryer, or rack near the fireplace/stove works). The paper log balls will burn faster than regular wood and generate more ash (good for gardening), so use them in conjunction with regular wood. WARNING: Check your local ordnances and safety precautions for your fireplace/woodburning stove first!!!

Estimated savings: Unable to determine.

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