Ask Pookah – January

I’m running a little late on this one due to scheduling issues. But in an effort to catch up:

Every month here at Life of Pookah, we’ll ask Pookah a question. Questions can be on any subject. Pookah can answer however she wishes.

So, Pookah, why do some people just “freeze up” when a disaster strikes, whether that disaster is intellectual, emotional, or actually life-threatening?

Pookah has seen this happen with other cats. Pookah has seen this happen with her own kittens.

Some kittens are born so that they react immediately to a situation. The ones that react in a way that improves their chances of survival will tend to survive. The ones who react in a way that puts them in more danger – like running out in front of a car at night – will tend to die. The ones who freeze up will tend to get eaten.

The hard part is knowing how to react. There is rarely time, even for Pookahs, to stop and think. We must simply react. It is like hunting for food. If a small tasty bird wanders by in easy reach, the clever cat will catch it and eat it when food is scarce, or play at catching it to learn, if food is easy to find. The not so clever cat will jump up, startled, and scare the small tasty bird away. The foolish cat will not even notice the small tasty bird. That is another reason why cats practice hunting so much.

You are training yourselves how to react in a way that that improves your chances of survival, right?

That’s two questions. But, yes. Humans do this, too. Smart humans turn on the light before entering a dark room so that they do not step on Pookahs. Foolish humans think they have excellent night vision, don’t turn on lights before entering dark rooms, and step on tails. In the former case, neither the human nor Pookah will get hurt. In the latter case, the cat has a sore tail and the human’s sweater is changed into soft comfy bed for Pookahs.

I said I was sorry about that.

Yes. I am pleased that I have a new bed. You are forgiven.

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