Frugal Ideas – Cat Litter

Try the wheat chaff cat litter (we use Swheat), and sprinkle in a handful of the pine pellet cat litter. In our experience, the wheat chaff generates less dust than clay-based litter and does a better job of odor control in the short-term. It has the plus of being completely biodegradable, so the resulting waste will stay organic and rot into naturally recycled dirt without the complications of clay. (From what I’ve read, don’t use the resulting waste in your compost heap – since cat contains meat byproducts, the resulting used cat litter may attract unsavory four-legged critters or, even worse, provide an incubation site for various diseases and parasites.) The pine pellets help control the odor over the medium to long-term (in case you forget to change the litterbox, or are particularly sensitive to the pungent aroma of cat urine). This may not work for everyone, depending on your health, your odor sensitivity, and how, ah… selective your cat is. Both products mention above are priced less than the equivalent clay-based cat litters when you price it by volume. The wheat chaff/pine pellets are looser and take up more space, so the bags are larger, and the same weight of litter will actually last a LOT longer.

Your work shoes are here. They are clean. My litter box is not clean.

Whoops. I have to go, uh, take care of some chores.

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