Non-Frugal Screwups

Here, in our part of the primordial scrub, we have a delightful fast-food chain that serves spicy fried chicken. S.O. and I have increased the grease portion of our diet significantly by addicting ourselves to this comfort food.

Unfortunately, I also picked up the habit of eating there for lunch once a week. This has the side-effect of spattering chicken grease across my work shirts (they are dress shirts due to the dress code – i.e., expensive).

Soaking them in Oxyclean (great product, highly recommend it) didn’t do the trick.

So now I have two $20 shirts that may need replacing. (Higher price because there aren’t any sales currently running.) And I’ve likely been increasing my medical expenses due to the increased fried food plus grease.

Cost to dry clean – about $1.50, for a total of $3.00. Add in another $1.00 in gas for the round trip. Plus about thirty minutes out of my life to make the trips.

Dry cleaning is less expensive than replacing them, but has negative environmental effects. The extra half hour normally wouldn’t be a problem, but it could have so easily been prevented!


Said fried chicken place is now stricken from the lunch roster.

Good! Human was not bringing small tasty bird pieces home for Pookah. Now human must go without, too!

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