Frugal Ideas – Food Preparation

Food Preparation. Nothing sucks out your enthusiasm like getting up at 5:30am, going to work at a job all day (even a good job), and then coming home to “When is dinner?” Defuse this with a little planning: On the weekend, get enough stew materials for 3 meals, and enough pot roast/chicken/pork chops for 3 meals. Clean out your refrigerator – trash the stuff that isn’t safe to eat, add the stuff that can be eaten to your crock pot and/or soup pot. Fill up your soup pot AND your crock pot. Cook them both at the same time. Freeze the results in serving-size containers. By planning ahead, and cooking large amounts at once, you’ll actually save yourself time, aggravation, and make better use of your food.

Estimated Savings: About $4.00 per meal prepared this way.

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