Ask Pookah – February

Once a month at Life of Pookah, we ask Pookah a question. Questions can be about any topic. Pookah can answer however she wishes.

So, Pookah: I’ve got a little extra money. Should I pay more towards my high-interest debt, or put it into my emergency fund to get it back to 6 months of living expenses?

I am a cat. Not an accountant.

Errhhmmm… Let me rephrase that. You have a pile of catnip….


You have a pile of catnip, but you owe catnip to another cat. So do you store your catnip to use later, or do you give it to the other cat?

Why would I give catnip to another cat when I can keep it all for myself?

Well, that other cat gave you some food when you were hungry.


The deal was that you’d give that other cat some catnip every month, until the debt was repaid.

But it’s MY catnip!!!

You made a deal. The other cat gave you something, you used it, now you owe the other cat what you agreed to pay.

How is that other cat going to make me give him MY catnip?!?! I’ll bite his ears and claw his face if he tries! MY TAIL PUFFS UP BIGGER THAN HIS!!!

Next you’ll tell me he’d have to take you to court to make you give him the catnip. Heh!

This “court”… it is a human thing, yes?

Yes. To continue our example, the other cat would have to give away some more of HIS catnip to the court, then a …. cat-sub-queen – the judge – would look at what everyone agreed to, and make a decision. Then the judge would send several cats to take your catnip and give it to the other cat.


You are very confused. That is not how cats do it.


Cats take what they need, and fight to keep what they need. The stronger cat gets to keep the most that she needs. Pookah is a VERY strong cat!

But… what if you are starving and the other cat has food to spare?

That is why cats are good hunters… and why we adopted humans, and allow you to worship us. Cats that cannot catch their own food or get humans to give it to them will die. That is the way it is.

Pookah, real life doesn’t work that way. Human civilization has evolved these other constructs to share goods so that more humans – and cats – can benefit from them.

Oh really? Tell me then, human, how long did the noble, cat-worshipping, apex of human civilization known as Pharoahic Egypt last for?

There was more to it than that.

I rest my case. Our way is better for cats and humans.

But you haven’t answered the question!

I am purring, and my ears need rubbed.

Right. I’ll just put down, put the money to your emergency fund. You can always continue the payments out of your emergency fund. You can’t cook and eat the debt.

Whatever. A little to the left, now…

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