Frugal Ideas – Get A Freezer Chest

Get a stand-alone freezer chest. Seriously! A new one will run several hundred dollars, and increase your electric bill. But the savings from buying food in bulk, cooking in bulk, and freezing in bulk — combined with a microwave oven — will usually pay for itself in less than 2 years (the increase in electric bill can kill some of the cost savings). Just remember to give it annual maintenance – cleaning the coils, vacuuming behind it, and defrosting/cleaning the interior. The ability to just pop a single serving-size, reusable container filled with frozen, home-cooked goodness into the microwave when you first get home from work will more than pay for itself in the time saved. The more often you can do this, the more the time savings adds up during the week. That means more time to work on other things.

Like scritching Pookah’s chin.

The initial cost is going to be around $200 – $300. However, it allows you to purchase (and keep) larger quantities of food – especially when it is on sale, cook even larger quantities of food, and (most importantly) store that food for later use. Estimated Savings (based on eating 3 meals/week this way, including being able to use sales even more to your advantage, plus a guesstimate of an additional $20 in your electric bill): $20 – $40/month.

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