“You’re lucky you don’t have debts like me.”

Yeah. Real lucky.

* While you took out a 5-6 year loan to get that $22,000 new econo car, that you’ll end up paying $28,000 for, I saved up my money and drove a junker so I could pay cash for my new used car.

* While you were driving your new, $22,000 car to games on the weekend, I was going to used car dealerships checking on the makes and models I researched, or working overtime to save up money.

* While you were skimping on routine maintenance so you could afford the monthly payments, I paid $5300 cash for my gas efficient, low-cost maintenance, butt-ugly, 8-9 year old used beater.

* While you are sitting in my car complaining about your debts because your new $22,000 car is in the shop for major repairs, I’m driving carefully and incorporating my shopping into the trip to save on gas. Then I’m taking the money saved and putting it into a high-interest online account to save up for my next car purchase – planned for 7-8 years from now.

This is a small, very small, sampling of why I don’t like listening to you. Luck had nothing to do with it. I worked hard for what I have. I admitted my mistakes. I learned from my mistakes. I swallowed my shame and swore to do better. I changed my behavior. I did without all the cool stuff that you bought on credit. And now I put up with your whining about the bill collectors coming after you. I got hit by medical emergencies, car emergencies, job emergencies, and family emergencies just like you. I even bummed rides off friends when I had to, thanked them for it, and bought gas and dinner for them by way of thanks. Only I saved up for those emergencies, just in case they happened. You didn’t.

So you can do something about your situation, or not.

But at least be gracious about the help I’m giving you and quit whining while riding in my car.

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