Non-Frugal Screwups – The Return

If you recall from a previous post, I spattered fried chicken grease across a couple of dress shirts I use for work (part of the required dress code). In an effort to save them from expensive replacement, they were sent off to the dry cleaner, at a cost of about $3.00.

You did not give small tasty bird to Pookah!

Well, the dry cleaning didn’t work. Both shirts are still stained.

Vengeance! Graaawwrrrr!!!

Pardon me while I disengage a furious, frenetic, feline from my ankle. (Yes, Pookah just ran in and wrapped herself around my ankle – snarling, biting, and kicking. In her defense, my leg was right next to the scratching post she normally uses for this activity – and she WAS holding back. I’m only bleeding a little bit. In my defense, my leg bears little resemblance to a scratching post. At least, it used to.)

Now, as I was saying, dry cleaning didn’t work.

So the next step is to try some DiDi7 I picked up years ago. The worst that can happen is that my formerly nice shirts will have the buttons cut off (and added to the general rock pile supply of buttons), and deposited in the rag bin. If it works, I get my shirts back at no cost beyond the time and cleaning.


Aaargh!!! Pookah!!

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