What Is An Apology?

First, you have to understand what an apology is.

An apology is:

  • A declaration that you, yourself, have done wrong.
  • A statement of remorse for violating morals and/or ethics.
  • An acknowledgement that you will accept the consequences of your actions.
  • A request to be permitted to undo as much of the harm committed as possible.
  • A declaration that you will bend every physical and mental effort to NEVER AGAIN commit this offense.
  • And finally, an apology is JUST WORDS. Until it is backed up by concerted actions over time, an apology is only hot air.

An apology IS NOT:

  • The final effort, labor, or work that you are obligated to give as compensation for the harm comitted.
  • The precursor to required forgiveness – you apologized, you are NOT forgiven until the wrongs you’ve done are fixed as best they can be. Forgiveness for the wrongs you have done requires work.
  • A free ticket out of the consequences of your actions.
  • Wiping the slate clean. Your apology may be accepted, but your actions are NOT forgotten.

What does this have to do with Finances?


If you are heading towards, or already in, Pookah Finances 101: You have wronged yourself, at the very least. Getting this far into debt required lying to yourself, deceiving yourself, ignoring your needs, and treating yourself pretty lousy when it comes to morals and ethics. Chances are good (but not certain) that you’ve done the same to other people or organizations. Not paying debts that you owe ranks high on the list of things you need to apoligize – really apologize – for.

If you are heading into Pookah Finances 201: You are getting back into a position where you can really make good on the harm you have caused yourself and others. Don’t waste the opportunity. You can see how damaging it can become every day on the news media – and on the web. Imagine if the people responsible for the current economic mess had owned up to it, and spent some of their millions in bonus compensation undoing the harm. Don’t end up like them.

If you are heading into Pookah Finances 301: You are firmly on the road to financial success. You didn’t get there solely on your own – other people helped. Take the time to check what’s between your ears – and what’s in your chest – to make sure you are becoming the person you really want to be. If there’s nothing there reminding you about past choices, you’re in trouble. If you are carrying a lot of “I should do X”, then you have some hard decisions to make about what you should do… and what you WILL do.

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