The Sky Is Falling

The mass media is full of doom and gloom. This isn’t your father’s country anymore. The economy is going worse than the Great Depression. The President’s stimulus plan is a dud. Those of us who handled our finances with care and consideration are watching the foolish get a free ride while our backs get whipped into a bloody, ragged mess.


Uncontrolled greed has been, and always will be, the cause of major national and international problems. Lack of wisdom and due consideration has been, and always will be, the cause of economic meltdowns – big and small. When the economy goes through a periodic contraction – as it must to maintain its own health – inadequately prepared people will suffer and victims of accident will abound. In combination with any manner of man-made or natural disasters, these problems have been, and always will be, made much worse in effect and duration.

With any major spending spree by a government, it will take weeks – at a minimum, with an emergency expenditure – or even months for any real effect to occur. The President has been in office for less than three lousy months. Though we may very well expect our charismatic leadership to walk on water, he has adequately proven his humanity and must use a foot bridge like the rest of us. No doubt his feet are becoming very blistered and sore, just like ours. I say give our elected leaders time – not much, but a modest amount of 120 days – to start fixing it or start screwing it up.

I am only just beginning to parse through the stimulus plan. So far, there are parts that I heartily approve of. Along with parts that I am very suspicious of. Time will certainly tell whether this plan is well-made and well-executed, or ends up as another boondogle TARP give-away. However, I would like to challenge all the nay-sayers to cite, specifically and in detail, their complaints about this plan with complete references to the appropriate parts of the plan. This way we can have intelligent and at least semi-rational discussions, instead of endless rounds of “Democrats are going to spend us into oblivion; Republicans are giving truckloads of our savings to Corporates.” You were endowed by your Creator with a spine, two eyes, and sufficient neurons for cogitation. Use them, or stop distracting those of us who are actually trying to do something about the situation.

So, until the lines stretch around the block to buy a single loaf of bread, quit spitting into the wind about the Great Depression. You obviously have not read about it, looked at any pictures of it, reviewed even semi-biased statistics about it, or lived through it. Our leaders, whether you approve of them or not, are the ones making the decisions. They need more than a couple of months to do their jobs successfully, or fail miserably. I fully expect that we will experience both Рsuccesses and failures. It will be the degree of success or failure that dictates whether we have chosen wisely or foolishly. My limits are well-defined. There are numerous issues dear to my heart that I am willing to bend on, up to a point, to ensure that my fellow U.S. citizens (and even complete strangers in other parts of the world) are productively employed so they do not have heart strain worrying about how to feed, clothe, and shelter themselves and their families.

Either way, it is YOUR responsibility as a human being to prepare, as best you can, for either outcome: Success or Failure.

One important note: The next member of Congress who complains about not having enough time to read all one thousand plus pages of the plan must be expelled from office for criminal negligence, inexcusable laziness, and outright stupidity. You are paid rather well to read all one thousand plus bloody pages of what may well be the most important piece of legislation you ever touch in your career. Thank you, jackass, for signing a contract on our behalf without bothering to read it. May your constituency show their full appreciation for all your professional due diligence sooner rather than later.

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