Update Your Will

By this point in your financial life, you are getting your debts under control – probably even pulling out ahead in some areas. You’re also planning ahead for your future – to cover both expected and unexpeced expenses. Part of that planning includes the very important, but often overlooked, last will and testament.

Who cares what happens to your catnip after you are dead?

Okay, professor mode is now turned off.

Good start.

You’re going to die eventually. It’s an unpleasant thought. However, you can take certain basic steps to ensure that your final moments are handled in the way you want them to be. If you have children, brothers, sisters, neices, nephews, or other relatives that you’d like to pass on certain belonging – including money – to, your will is one of the best ways to do it.

Pookah has already passed on the best things a kitten could have: Strength, agility, keen senses, strong claws, and a tail that puffs up bigger than most other cats’.

Don’t forget cuteness.

I am royalty. Those with inborn regalness do not need cuteness. Bow down and scritch my chin.

Right. So, making a last will and testament is going to vary from state to state (and country to country, if anyone reading this is outside the U.S.A.) This will require some research on your part. I strongly recommend that you consult with a professional – a lawyer in your state who specializes in wills. Most of them will give you a free hour of consultation, and can advise you on how best to proceed according to your Wants and Needs. If your Wants and Needs are simple, you may only have to fill out a few inexpensive (or free) forms. If you want to make sure your last wishes are iron-clad, or include a “poison pill” (along the lines of, if anyone in the will contests it, they don’t get anything from your estate), or any of a number of issues that are important to you, then consulting with a professional or three is a must.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! Since we felines are possessed of divine grace, you must not forget us when making out your last wishes. Though you call us “pets”, we are, in fact, lordly members of your family and will need consoling if you leave us unexpectedly. We must be supplied with sufficient small tasty birds and delicious fishes to ease the transition of our living arrangements.

Here is one of the great secrets of wealth: Pass it securely from generation to generation. Your heirs can learn from your mistakes, as well as benefit from your successes. If you have lived through tough times, you well know how much of a difference even a few dollars can make. You can, as your last act, make your heirs’ lives better.

So start thinking about this now. Do your research (Google is your friend). That way, when you have the resources saved up, you are prepared with your questions and ideas for consulting with a professional. Do not look on this as a sad necessity. Instead, look on it as making life easier for those who survive you, or come after you.

You are not leaving me, are you?

No, Pookah, not for a long time, I hope. But accidents do happen. I may have to go before I’m ready. But I will try to take care of S.O. and you even then.


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    Melissa – Great work! You’ve captured bauutifel images of a couple deep in love. Brooke and Mike are very photogenic! I liked the classic shots, but the creative shots as well. The location gave it a rustic feel and it appears that you’ve shown who they are through the images. Best wishes and happy planning

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