Absent For A Bit

You may have noticed a lack of updates over the last week. I will try to use what is a stressful situation to illustrate some of the points I try to make in this blog.

My human is going to give you some examples from real life. I will now offer my human comfort by climbing onto his lap, kneading his legs until he relaxes, and then settle down for purring – which also lowers my human’s blood pressure. Proper health care of stressed humans is one of a cat’s primary duties.

As S.O. and I have built up our finances to where we are solidly in Pookah Finances 201 and heading into Pookah Finances 301, we have set aside resources for emergencies. This is commonly referred to as the emergency fund.

Well, that fund has seen some action. And I need to bandage the claw marks on my thighs.

Hmmph! One wonders why, if the “alcohol” hurts so much, my human pours it onto cuts. If my human would just let me lick the wounds clean, there would be much less yelling.

One of my parents has become very ill, required surgery, and is now having trouble recovering from the surgery. This coincided with my monthly upload of posts to Life of Pookah. In a choice between helping look after family versus updating a blog, the family clearly wins. S.O. and I dipped a bit into our Emergency Fund to make the trip out, cheer up blood and marital relations, and are now standing by in case we need to make an emergency trip.

We would not be able to help my parents out if it weren’t for the Emergency Fund.

Furthermore, the availability of that Emergency Fund means that the hit on our overall finances is greatly reduced.


My human is dancing around, yelling, and splashing more “alcohol” on scratches that I just cleaned. What a waste!

Maybe this will convince my human to stop wearing those icky shorts.

2 Responses to “Absent For A Bit”

  1. PookahBoss says:

    Hmmm… I’ll have to work on that. Thanks for helping me test it!

    — PookahBoss

  2. Dave says:

    Evidently your comments capability is working, but the ability to leave a comment is well hidden. I had to click on the “no comments” link to leave one.

    Incidentally, I like your blog. It is entertaining and informative.


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