Falling Off The Financial Schedule

Well, it happened.

I fell off my financial schedule, and missed an opportunity that would have netted me about $250 in interest earnings over the course of the next 12 months.

How do you deal with this?

Some people look at it as losing $250, and castigate themselves appropriately.

Some people view it as a critical failure and beat themselves into the ground over it.

Some people swear a blue streak, gripe about it for a few weeks, and move on.

What did I do?

I said, “Aw, crud!”…

DID NOT!! You made Pookah hide under the coffee table!

Then I wrote in big red letters in my calendar the due date for the next opportunity… and set it about three days ahead of the actual drop-dead date. I am now highly motivated to not miss this one, even though it will net me only $70 over the next 12 months.

See, I didn’t “lose” the $250. I never had it to start with, so why beat myself up over it? Even if that $250 would mean the difference between eating and not eating, I’d be better off spending the time fixing the problem than crippling myself mentally over it. In fact, why waste time getting all upset, when that energy would be more productively spent taking a few steps to keep it from happening again or working towards the next opportunity?

Life of Pookah: A healthy attitude is very important.

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