Death in the Family

Pookah is very worried about her human. Both humans have been upset and sad. But Pookah’s purring will fix it. Pookah is even willing to share human’s lap with Old Lady Cat… sometimes.

Pookah makes human feel better

Pookah makes human feel better

It happened to us recently: We lost a grandparent.

My grandparents did it right.

  • They had set up their financial holdings in a trust fund.
  • They had a clearly defined set of wills (living will included).
  • They gave copies of the above information to their lawyers, their heirs, and filed copies with the county they lived in.
  • They made their burial wishes clear and concise.
  • They made their wishes for funeral attendance VERY clear – no one was to risk their jobs or their well-being to attend, and sending flowers was a definite “No.” Just make a donation in their names to a favorite charity.
  • They did all of their preparations many years ago, and kept regularly updating them to stay current with laws and changes in the overall family.

My grandparents were fortunate to have all their preparations made in advance. We were even more fortunate that they made their preparations in advance.

I speak from first-hand experience how much this relieves the burden on survivors of a family death. We survivors had to deal only with travel and family member care decisions. There was no last-minute rush – with the attendant mistakes, over-charging, or two-legged rat shenannigans. There was no in-fighting over who gets what, or who does what.

They left us time to grieve, peace in our family over how to handle their final arrangements, and relieved us of agonizing over what to do.

That is a priceless gift.

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