Non-Frugal Screwups – Part Tres

A bit of background: I got chicken grease on a few shirts. They were sent off to the dry-cleaner at a cost of about $3.00 each.

WANT Small Tasty Bird!!!

Well, the dry cleaning didn’t get the grease stains out. In fact, it looked like it had set them in.

Three shirts = $60 new, or $30 on sale/used/discounted.

Big Ouch.

Pookah didn’t do it!

So, I fired up my friend, Google, and did a search on removing grease stains. Guess what came up? Dawn dishwashing liquid.

Yeah, I’ve seen those advertisements, too. Disclosure: I’m not affiliated with the company that makes Dawn dishwashing liquid in any way, other than being a customer.

Well, Sunday, I tested it out.

It worked.

My shirts are saved.

For now. Pookah DEMANDS small tasty bird for her own!!!

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