Keep Your Family Close

Your family is either your best financial ally or your worst financial enemy.

Your family can help you out when times are tough – and they are very tough right now.
Ten bucks from three different family members can feed you for a month.
A couple of hours of familial babysitting gives parents some much-needed time together, gives the relative a lot of fun with the next generation, and gives kidlet(s) a break with a loved one who can spoil them appropriately.
Your family can add stability to your life.
You can add stability to your family’s lives.
You and your family can trade advice, stories, ideas, cooking, tools, and so many other things.

Hand-me-downs work great!

Grandparents have the wisdom that comes with experience. There’s a fair chance that your own mom and pop have dealt with the same, or similar, child-rearing situations that you’ve run into.

You have to give and accept.

You can’t let it lead to being a leech for either you or any of your family members.

You MUST respect eachother’s pride.

You MUST respect eachother’s decisions.

If the relationship starts becoming unhealthy, either work to fix it, or get some distance.

All this sharing can reduce your expenses, and theirs. Having a good, solid, extended family to rely on gives you economic and emotional security far beyond those who have only themselves.

Accepting your family’s help also carries obligations. Sometimes those obligations are troublesome. If those obligations are a burden for you, you need to resolve that burden – and that may require professional help. Or it might be as simple as actually TALKING to your loved ones.

So, thanks, Dad, for loaning me the pressure washer. It sure came in handy! Let me know when you need some help repairing the flashing on the roof. I’ve got the tools and some spare flashing ready to go.

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