Numbers Afterword

These numbers are one set of steps to reaching a Goal: Living life like Pookah. This is not the only process. It also may not be the best process for YOU. Your mind works different from mine. Your life is different from mine. Feel free to modify these steps as you need, and as you learn. Your numbers may end up being higher or lower than what I’ve written about here. That’s OK, so long as you understand WHY they are higher or lower.

Are they higher because you Want or Need a bigger house? Because you Want or Need to live in an expensive neighborhood or state? Because you Want or Need a more expensive lifestyle? Are they lower because you are one of those talented people who can feed a family of 6 on $20 a week? Because you are shorting yourself on medical care? Because you feel like you don’t deserve success?

My goal in describing these numbers is to give you, and myself, a destination. “Financial Success” is nebulous, because everyone defines it different. Well, here, in five numbers, is my definition of Financial Success. The Fifth Number, of course, is the toughest one. But with each number you reach, that Fifth Number gets closer and closer to reality.

There is a big gap between the Fourth and Fifth Numbers. The first four set you up so that you can achieve the Fifth. You’ll need the safety net provided by those first three, plus the resources and recommendations bought with the Fourth, to get to the Fifth. Once you have the first four, your path to getting the Fifth Number is an individual plan. That’s why you need the lawyer and CPA. That’s why you need to learn more about finances in general, your finances in particular, and how to manage your money – including taxes.

Maybe you have a knack for real estate that I don’t. Maybe you are an excellent salesperson, or an innately creative architect or inventor. Maybe your life, despite what you think, is intensely interesting to a large number of people, and all you need to do is write it down and sell copies. Maybe you are good at teaching people how to have fun. All of these, and more, are things that will affect YOUR Numbers.

As you reach your Numbers, you will trip and stumble, even fall. I certainly have during my life, and I certainly will again. There will be years where you can’t reach your Numbers at all, or even slide back away from them. You will make mistakes. The economy will tank on you, medical or family issues will blindside you, and in the end, your greatest challenge will always be your own fears and doubts.

Most of all, you NEED to pick yourself up after each trip, stumble, fall, or mistake. Learn WHY you mis-stepped. Then pick up your life and take that next step in the journey.

Pookah would like to add that her life is grand. Pookah has food to eat, even though there is a distinct lack of small tasty birds, delicious fishes, and savory peanut butter. Pookah has toys and humans to play with. Pookah has sunbeams, comfy spots, scritches, and pettings. I, Pookah, have a good life. I think all humans should have a good life, too.

Now, enough typing. Want scritches behind left ear.

A little higher.


No, lower…

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