Pookah-kitty sits in the old gum tree
Merry, merry queen of the bush is she
Meow, Pookah-kitty! Meow, Pookah-kitty!
Gay your life must be!

Pookah-kitty sits in the old gum tree
Eating all the kuckaburras she can see
Stop, Pookah-kitty! Stop, Pookah-kitty!
Let those birdies be!

Pookah-kitty sits on a window sill
Getting all the sunshine as she will
Purr, Pookah-kitty! Purr, Pookah-kitty!
Glad you’re here with me!

Pookah-kitty sees the old man nap
Quietly cuddles up on his lap
Sleep, Pookah-kitty! Sleep, Pookah-kitty!
You’re sweet as can be!

(Sung to the tune of _Kookaburra_, by Marion Sinclair)

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  4. Junie says:

    I was over at Polly’s and ended up here. I absolutely love your canhmirg blog and am so sorry I missed the sign ups for the show me your form day. I would have loved to join in but another time I guess. I laughed so hard at your post when you and DH went to pick up Nadine. That same conversation could easily have happened in our car. I found a Nadine a couple of weeks ago only to find out she wasn’t for sale. She was gorgeous. So I will keep looking. Hope you have a super great day. ~ Lynn

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