Should and Shouldn’t

Should and Shouldn’t are close relatives of Can’t.

Should and Shouldn’t are those little monsters inside us that whisper FAILURE at us, when we’re most vulnerable.

“I shouldn’t feel this way…”
“I should be up doing X…”
“I shouldn’t rest…”
“I should have done Y instead of…”

For starters, who originally told you that you Should/Shouldn’t X?

Was it your mother? (Good little boys/girls shouldn’t talk back.)
Perhaps your father? (You should be up doing your chores now instead of slacking off in bed.)
A teacher? (In my class, you shouldn’t speak out of turn.)
A friend? (You really should wear X, because it would, like, look SOOOOO cutie-kewl on you!)

Our mentors, past and present, hooked these little tape-recordings into our subconscious, and set them on endless loop. Because we feel insecure and afraid, we fall back on these well-learned lessons without ever bothering…


Think about it:

How many times have you gotten verbally run-over at work because you didn’t talk back, defend your opinion or position, and instead took the “polite” (read: DOORMAT) way out? All because you “should be polite” or “shouldn’t contradict someone”?

How many times have you gotten up early on the weekend to do your chores… and continued shorting your sleep to the detriment of your health? All because you “should be taking care of your home” or “shouldn’t be lazy”?

How many times have you watched a personal train wreck happen because you “shouldn’t stick your nose in other people’s business — even if they are your best friend in life”?

How many times have you ended up trying to dress like a teenager… at the tender age of 40… because you “should look relaxed” or “shouldn’t look so up-tight all the time”?

How many times have you let someone else decide what you should and shouldn’t do?

Admittedly, if you are young, you need the guidance. But come on, people! Why should you let some nagging old voice make you miserable? Out of habit? Doesn’t that strike you as being INSANE?!

Like you?

Like m… HEY!

Why should I keep a habit that only drags me down? You think I like listening to a smartalec cat that… only… I… can… hear…?

My human is entertaining dangerously creative thoughts and realizations. This may lead to personal growth. This personal growth can be painful, but, as all Pookahs know, is very rewarding. It leads to a more comfortable, feline-style life such as mine.

Pookah will now leave you with an explicitly ironic case in point, as her human attempts to stumble through this process.

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