So, Life of Pookah is over a year old now. It has been an interesting trip. So what’s in store for next year?

Well, let’s look at where we’ve been.

I’d have to say that the biggest things I’ve figured out this year are:

The Five Numbers
Toxic People
Dora Surviving – Our youngest cat (and one of Pookah’s kittens) was very ill, and almost died. She’s not out of danger yet, but she is better than she was. We are very thankful to our vet, family, and friends for all the care, advice, and support they continue to give us.

To me, those are a hefty load.

As for next year?

Let’s set some goals!

The Five Numbers:

  • Work on the Second Number. We’ve already met our First Number. Figuring out that we needed to increase our Emergency Fund to account for our pets delayed meeting the other numbers. With all the changes November/December have brought to our lives, it’s going to take some doing to nail this one down.
  • Work on the Fourth Number. Before I ran the analysis on pet care and our Emergency Fund, we were going to meet our Fourth Number before the end of 2009. That didn’t happen. For our particular situation, it still looks like we’re going to need this goal met before the remaining numbers.
  • Work on the Fifth Number. I’ve done some more analysis on the Fifth Number. I’m looking at ways to set goals for it, and use it to meet the other numbers
  • How to finance additional premium-grade dried catnip for Pookah.


  • More pictures of Pookah
  • Add to Pookah’s history. Most of it is already written – it just needs editing and pictures.
  • Regular schedule of postings

Other Stuff

  • How to appease a displeased Pookah
  • More material on getting out of debt
  • Opinions on the economy and progress resulting from
  • Running a small consulting business
  • When to add small tasty birds, delicious fishes, and savory peanut butter to Pookah’s diet
  • Dealing with a layoff
  • Exploring other financial income avenues
  • Buying stocks – no, I’m not going to make stock purchase recommendations. But I will describe my experiences.
  • Money Market Accounts
  • Donations for Pookah’s Canned Tuna fund
  • Dealing with mortgages
  • Savers vs. Consumers vs. Investors vs. Producers
  • Financial advice for young men and women – based on the Five Numbers.
  • How to adopt and care for a scared and lonely cat
  • Anything else that crops up during the year – book reviews, tool reviews, DIY home/yard work

And finally, I’m implementing steps to increase my blog’s readership. Her Divine Felineness needs more minions and offerings. :)

The coming year is scary. The economy is in turmoil, our Wall Street financial institutions have proven themselves unreliable, and we’ve taken a lot of hits in spite of our efforts. But I’m facing it with a grin, tempered will, and a good club in hand, ready to smack any problems in the nose.

With S.O. and Pookah at my side, I’ve got the world outnumbered!

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