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First Number In Action: Vet Bills

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Among the delays for getting posts up on Life of Pookah has been illness within our home. One miserable week laid out in bed followed by another week of slow recovery.

Pookah has been very, very worried! Pookah has worn herself ragged trying to take care of Pookah’s pet humans. The extra effort on Pookah’s part has required massive consumption of tasty foods.

Now Pookah is searching for this “Pudgey Pudgins” individual is, and why “Pudgins” is in Pookah’s house!

Then, Old Lady Cat was ill, then took a nosedive for the worse. Translate this to additional vet bills. On the heels of Pookah’s daughter’s illness and ongoing slow recovery, this is extra expense that is breaking our monthly budget.

Did this qualify as an emergency, and why?


A Brief Update

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Pookah would like to take this opportunity to inform you about her human’s latest endeavors.

Specifically, breathing, eating, and walking.

My human, and the “S.O.”, have endured great illness. They are in the process of re-discovering the pleasures of breathing through their sinuses. This recovery, however, has done nothing to improve their ability to scent prey. I understand that this ability is rare in humans. Even in its limited form, it has skipped my human’s generation.

Even so, I, Pookah, along with my daughter, Dora, and the Old Lady Cat, have labored hard to restore my human, and the “S.O.”, to health.

This is an ongoing process.

Post-recovery, I shall dictate further editorials and information for my human to include in these online ramblings.

— Pookah, Queen Of All She Surveys, Holder Of The Comfy-Nest-Sunbeams, She Who WILL Have That Portion Of Small Tasty Bird Hanging Off The Side Of Your Plate