Getting Back in the Saddle

We here at Casa del Pookah…

Thank you

Have been preoccupied by a number of Life’s Dramas. In no particular order:

  • Death of a beloved pet
  • Car wrecks among ourselves and close family
  • Day-jobs that occasionally spill over into nights and weekends
  • Preventing dead oak trees from falling on our pile of rocks
  • Feeding Pookah the delicious new food that helps keep Pookah in trim shape… after that… debacle… involving “Pudgins”
  • Replacing certain articles that “mysteriously” shredded themselves

And other sundries besides.

Well, we’re back with updates coming.

Pookah was here. Pookah has always been here. Worship me.

The plan is (and has been) to get ahead on posts, and have them scheduled to publish. Comments are supposed to generate an alert – unless they hit the spam filters.

We’ll see how it goes this time :)

And humans claim that felines are easily distracted. Hmph!

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