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A Brief Update

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Pookah would like to take this opportunity to inform you about her human’s latest endeavors.

Specifically, breathing, eating, and walking.

My human, and the “S.O.”, have endured great illness. They are in the process of re-discovering the pleasures of breathing through their sinuses. This recovery, however, has done nothing to improve their ability to scent prey. I understand that this ability is rare in humans. Even in its limited form, it has skipped my human’s generation.

Even so, I, Pookah, along with my daughter, Dora, and the Old Lady Cat, have labored hard to restore my human, and the “S.O.”, to health.

This is an ongoing process.

Post-recovery, I shall dictate further editorials and information for my human to include in these online ramblings.

— Pookah, Queen Of All She Surveys, Holder Of The Comfy-Nest-Sunbeams, She Who WILL Have That Portion Of Small Tasty Bird Hanging Off The Side Of Your Plate

Avatar Movie Review

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Fun: 9
Action: 7
Drama: 6
SF: 9.5
Fantasy: 6
Sex: 6* – see review below
Violence: 7.5
Effects: 10* – see review below
Other: 8* – see review below

I saw this movie at the regular flat screen. S.O. and I are planning to see it in 3D, because the non-3D version is just that good.

Overall: Avatar is great! Go see this movie. It is a landmark in film production, even if the story has been done over several times before. Cameron has done it well. The extremely well-done SF setting pushes this into the category of Must See Movie.

(Fun: How much did I enjoy the movie?
Action: How much engaging action?
Drama: How much did the drama “get” me?
SF: How did this rate as science fiction?
Fantasy: How did this rate as fantasy?
Sex: How much sex was there in the movie?
Effects: How were the special effects?
Other: How did any other parts of the movie, such as the Moral Of The Story, work?)



Christmas 2009

Friday, December 25th, 2009

To all who are far or near

I hope this day brings you cheer.

Merry Christmas To All!

And to All You Hold Dear!!

Pookah sleeping by the tree

Pookah sleeping by the tree

— From PookahBoss, S.O., Pookah, Dora, and Old Lady Cat


Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Many years ago, my father gave me some of the wisest words I’ve ever heard. One of the things he said was, “People who want to succeed are more often held back by what’s behind them than what’s ahead of them.”

My human’s father is very wise in spite of being male.

Ignoring the parenting gender differences between cats and humans for a bit, let me throw out some thing’s I’ve said: