Life of Pookah Finances 101

This is a summary page for beginning finances. Your financial journey is going to be different from Pookah’s, my S.O.’s, or mine. It will be different from everyone else’s, too. Your full, exact situation IS unique. So don’t think that you have to complete all of 101 before you can move on to 201 or even 301. That isn’t the way it works because that isn’t the way that people work. Read ahead. Plan ahead. Opportunities will come knocking, but you’ll miss them if you don’t recognize them. The way your mind works in relation to how your life is going will determine a lot of your specific approach to finances. If you can grok this, learn self-discipline, and grow beyond what you are now, then you can live life like Pookah.

Life of Pookah Finances 101 is the beginner stage – where budgeting, frugality, and tightwadery all start. Here is the point where you may be seriously in debt (the money you owe in the next 30 days exceeds what you can pay in the next 30 days). This stage focuses mainly on getting control over your expenses – AND your income. Here is where you will find the little daily, weekly, and monthly tips for living life like Pookah.

The guiding principles of Pookah Finances 101 are these:
* Reduce expenses
* Reduce debts
* Learn financial accountability
* Learn financial responsibility
* Learn how-to skills
* Look for deals on essentials
* Tightwadery
* Frugality
* Budgeting
* Learn the difference between what you want and what you need
* Always have a fall-back position

Please check out this list of useful websites. – Especially the message boards. There are loads of people here who will offer good, solid advice on handling various financial questions — FOR FREE. – Lots of articles on personal financial issues, consolidated information on mortgage, CD, and savings account rates. Note that these are primarily for mainstream institutions. You should also check out Penfed and USAA. – You can join even if you are not a current/former employee of the military or federal government. Great rates! – Available for military service members and their families. Great rates!

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  1. Mohit says:

    I can’t believe that anoyne still banks with the mega-banks.BOA probably loose some customers but the majority of their customers will be too lazy or too confused to move. I know that once you have your direct deposit and bill payments all set up, it can be a pain to move. I sometimes think mega-banks are counting on that pain to retain customers. Like everything else, people need to vote with their feet and their wallets. And I hope a boatload of their customers vote.Oh well 5 bucks isn’t that much, just accept it like the Ally Bank commercial says.I like your article and the tips on switching. I hope a lot of people read it and ditch their mega-bank. Reply

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