Life of Pookah Finances 301

This is a summary page for intermediate finances. Your financial journey is going to be different from Pookah’s, my S.O.’s, or mine. It will be different from everyone else’s, too. Your full, exact situation IS unique. So don’t think that you have to complete all of 101 before you can move on to 201 or even 301. That isn’t the way it works because that isn’t the way that people work. Read ahead. Plan ahead. Opportunities will come knocking, but you’ll miss them if you don’t recognize them. The way your mind works in relation to how your life is going will determine a lot of your specific approach to finances. If you can grok this, learn self-discipline, and grow beyond what you are now, then you can live life like Pookah.

Life of Pookah Finances 301 is the advanced stage – where your expenses and income are regularly predictable, you have up to a year of readily available cash to handle emergencies and unemployment, you are not in debt at all (excluding a mortgage), your credit score is solidly at the high end, and your retirement is automatically funded. Here is where you start making decisions about Financial Planners, CPA’s, and attorneys. I know: Three very scary terms all in one sentence. Don’t worry. By the time you reach 301, you’ll understand how and why you need to hire professionals like these to provide you with the expert advice you’ll need. Reaching this stage may require some changes in the way you think or in your attitude towards certain social/financial constructs here in the U.S.A.

The guiding principles of Pookah Finances 301 are these:
* Laddering CD’s as your emergency fund.
* Investing
* Tax Considerations
* Legal Considerations

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