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U.S. Has Been In A Recession Since 12/2007

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Did anyone else read this article from CNN and think, “It took you guys a YEAR to figure that out”?

Please observe the state of my litterbox.

Look at unemployment — not the sanitized political numbers, but instead at the number of people who are *capable* of working, but aren’t, and are receiving public financial support of some kind.

Fair trade: I purr, you pet.

Look at the price of milk, corn, bread, and meats (beef, chicken, pork, fish). Have they gone up or down overall? Isn’t this a better measure?

The fresh cooked chicken content of my diet has gone down.

How long does it take for someone who is out of work to find a new job paying $28,000 or more?

Where is my litterbox on this timeline?

I’m no expert. And I certainly don’t have the domain knowledge necessary for any sort of certification or certainty above 80% on this.

Pookah is very certain that the litterbox needs almost as much attention as the chicken.

But why are my tax dollars paying for information that the average high-school graduate told me six months ago?

Yes. Your tax dollars would be better spent on Pookah.